Looking for a psychologist or therapy in english – in copenhagen or online?

Who am I, and how can I help you?

I provide therapy sessions in English – either in my clinic in Copenhagen or online. I am experienced in treating anxiety, depression and stress. I have experience since 2009 in neuropsychology, which means that I have a lot of knowledge about the connection between mind, brain, behaviour and thinking. I treat people with concussion and have great expertise in this – I wrote a book about this topic in 2023 (in danish).

How can I help you?

I’m inspired by the cognitive method called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT, pronounced in one word, not A-C-T). By using ACT, I help my clients become aware of what is going on in their minds, and I teach them to respond to the thoughts in different ways.

Life can be hard and filled with suffering. But the more we become aware of how we think, the more we are able to respond differently to our thoughts. This is not ‘just learning to think positive’, it is trying to find out, when the thoughts are useful and helpful to us, and when they are not. And when they are not helpful (that happens a lot, to all of us), you can learn to stop fighting the thoughts, wanting them to go away, running away from them. Instead you try to leave them be, without engaging in them. I can help you with that.

In ACT we also try to relate to our emotions in a different way. Instead of fighting and resisting the emotions that feels uncomfortable, we practice accepting the presence of the emotions. We try to allow them to be there. This is because resisting and fighting with the emotions create more suffering, not less. Do you know the feeling of waking up in a bad mood? Usually we respond to this emotion by trying to resist it or fight it; saying to ourselves that we don’t have any reasons to be upset, or trying to analyze why, thinking that when we find out why, the feeling will go away.

However, that fight will prolong the time when we feel upset. Imagine if it was possible to acknowledge the feeling: ‘OK, this is how I feel right now’, and then pay no more attention to the feeling, but just get on with the day? This is a skill that you can learn in therapy.

My working experience

I have worked at Centre for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury, Hvidovre Hospital (Department for Specialised Neurorehabilitation), 4 years in the field of dementia and lastly in Centre for Special Education for Adults (CSV) in Copenhagen. Since 2019 I have had my own clinic in Frederiksberg.

This means that I have spent my working life since 2009 helping people to adapt and create change in their life. I also want to help you, no matter the reason why you are suffering at the moment – and maybe have been for a long time.

You can contact me to hear more about how I can help you – please be aware that I am not part of the Danish health insurance which means that you cannot use a prescription for therapy from the doctor in order to get a reduced fee. However it is always wise to contact your own insurance company to ask if they cover therapy.